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Forests in Dehradun

Famous Forests in Dehradun:
Dehradun is green city and its climate is suitable for every kind of people. Due to situated on the hilly areas Dehradun is different from other cities. There is multiple forests and they all are very large. Forests products play a major role in enhancing the economy of the city. Forests supply fuel, fodder, bamboos and medicinal herbs. Besides these they give up a range of products such as honey, lac, gum, resin, catechu, wax, horns and hides. Forests spread over 1477 sq.kms of area, that is the percentage of 43.70 of the total land of the district. Sal forest and coniferous forests are biggest in the western part of tehsil Dehra Dun. Due to the different type of Forests altitute, climate and soil condition are better in Dehradun. Numbger of deodar trees are also can be see in Dehradun A large ranges of sal jungle occur in City. A concoction of homogeneous species are found.

List of Forests in Dehradun are given below:

Moist Siwalik Sal Forests :
These are famous forests and can find in the Motichur and Thano forest ranges. Sal's low quality can be find in these Forests.The most important links of sal are bakli and sain.
Moist Bhabar Doon Sal Forests :
In the large areas these Forest can be find in Thano and Barkot forest ranges. Sal's high quality are found here and its links are sain and dhauri.
West gangetic Moist Deciduous Forests :
These Forests can be find in the Barkot, Motichur and Thano forest ranges. These Forests are of good height The main links of sal are safed siris, jhingan and dhauri.
Dry Siwalik Sal Forests :
These forests are looked on the higher slopes of Siwaliks. Sal is the largest species mixed with other links such as bakli, sain, haldu etc.

Property Dealers in Dehradun

Dehra Dun Property Dealers:

In the modern age, every kind of people want to settle up in metro cities and big cities so, they want buy and sell properties like land, buildings, flats. If you are unknown, how to deal property in different cities. you don't worry because property dealers make it easier as much as possible. Dehradun property dealers deal all these things. they may you help in lucrative deal, and you can buy residential, commercial or industrial properties in Dehradun.

We are producing here housing companies in Dehradun, property dealers in Dehradun, real estate agents, home loans, Dehradun architects, interior decorators, building contractors in Dehradun. Dehradun property dealers will help you consult the prices and full the legal formalities. Your housing needs in Dehradun is depicted in this page.

Dehradunsituated in the foothills of Himalaya and the capital of the state Uttaranchal is an amalgamation of nature. The attraction of the Dehradun is its environment and weather even, in summer the weather is not so boiling. Dehradun is one of the highly up to date and knowledgeable capital and illustrious impressive Doon School is also positioned here. The world famous forest research institute also in Dehradun, and is only this kind of institute in Asia.
Dehradun has got a fabulous development in last ten years. learning environment and high international remittances. The public earnings rate is very towering and capitalized in dollar. Dehradun has a extraordinary fiscal zones and Information Technology make it business city. That means the city may called mini metro city of India. Dehradun is also a big tourist place and it is another way to enhancing income rate of city people.

A wide range of services and assurity are provided by Dehradun property dealers or real state agents at passive prices. Dehradun property dealers provide services such as buy and sell and renting of uptown and viable apartments and flats. The property dealers are quite versed with all the credentials and filing prediction of a property business thus, parting you with just the mission of property choice and compensation. If you live abroad no cause to worry here we are providing you to the contact information and fine points of best Dehradun propety dealers .


Post Offices are organization that make easy to cantact people to people, that means it provide speed post facility to dispatch your letter and application in very less time. A General Post Office is situated here that command all sub post offices. Banking, postal, life insurance, money orders, western union money transfer, instant money order, mutual funds, electronic fund transfer and corporate money orders are some of the services provided by General Post Office whereas, Sub Post Offices provide money order and speed post facilities. Still govenmental organization blives in post offices that's the reason post offices provides job forms and many Entrance examination forms

Post Offices in Dehradun:

1. Name: General Post Office Address
Clock tower, Dehradun
Contact person: Senior Post Master

2. Name: Post Office Address
Kanwali Road, Dehradun
Contact person: Post Master

3. Name: Post Office Address:
Kishan Pur, Rajpur road,
Dehradun District-Dehradun,
Contact person: Post Master

4. Name: Post Office Address:
Connaught place, Dehradun
Contact person: Post Master

5. Name: Post Office Address:
Patel nagar, Saharanpur road,
Dehradun District-Dehradun,
Contact person: Post Master

Shops in Dehra Dun

About Shops in Dehra Dun:

Famous Shops at Dehradun is also known for its famous shops that provide excellent services to its customer. Shops are situated at famous places. Shops at Dehradun provides sitting facility and fabulous environment to its customer. Multiple Shops are at Dehradun such as Kumar Sweets, Vrendra & Company, Amba Jewellers, Archies Gallery, Arora Electronics, Arsh Enterprises, Drona Travels etc. We have provided name of some famous shops positioned at Dehradun.

  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Amba Jewellers
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Archies Gallery
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Arora Electronics
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Arsh Enterprises
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Dev Saree
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Dewan Brothers
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Divine Honda
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Doon Fan Traders
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Prem Nursery & Seed Store
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Raj Jewellers
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Rajiv Book House
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Regency Bath & Electrical Plaza
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Richi Rich Confecioners
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Sangam Traders
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Selection Footwear (Liberty)
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Gandhi Ashram Khadi Bhandar
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Shekhar The Designer
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Standard Jewellers
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: Tejasvi Distribute
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: The Indian stores
  • Dehra Dun Shop Name: The Raymond Shops

Survey Of India-Dehradun

Survey Of India-Dehradun
The Survey of India is Established in 1767 is an important pointer of Dehradun.Firstly, offices of Survey of India established in every city of Country. The organization had dogged Mount Everest height under the leadership of that time's Surveyor General, Sir George Everest. You may From then survey is existed firmly in Dehradun. Forest Survey of India was formed in June, 1981. The aim was to monitoring at times in the cycle of 10 years, the changing condition of land and forest resources. To present the information for next countrywide scheduling; upkeep and management of environmental protection and execution of community forestry projects.
The institute trains forest officers in India. insects, furniture, wildlife, few stuffed animals, library and bookshop are the other places you may check out at the institute.There are several places in Dehradun that are attract by Tourist from all over World. The other valley choice close up to Dehradun is Mussoorie. It has almost become a tradition for all those visiting Dehradun to also make a expedition to Mussoorie.

Dehradun City in Survey of India
  • Area 37.17 sq km
  • Altitude 695 meters
  • Population 270, 159
  • Languages Hindi & English
  • Rainfall 2136.7 mm per annum
  • Max Temp .27.7°C
  • Min. Temp. 14.6°C
  • STD Code 0135

  • Hindus (85.29%)
  • Muslims (9.63%)
  • Christians (0.87%)
  • Sikhs (2.97%)
  • Buddhists (0.81%)
  • Others (0.03%)

Location and Climate of dehradun,in Survey of India
Dehradun is situated in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh around 235 km from Delhi. Dehradun extends from the latitude 30° 19' in the North to longitude 78° 04' in the East. The city of Dehradun is well connected to other cities of north India by rail, road, and air.Due to its location in the hilly part of the state, the climate of Dehradun is salubrious. During the summer months, the temperature ranges between 36°C and 16.7° C. The winter months are colder with the maximum and minimum temperatures touching 23.4°C and 5.2° C respectively.

Trainings in Dehradun in, Survey of India

  • Multidisciplinary Training centre ,Dehradun
  • Tibetan Sos Vocational Training Centre , Dehradun
  • Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA)
  • Staff college for the officers of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) in Dehradun
  • Forest Research Institute
  • Indian Military AcademyWadia Institute of Himalyan Geology
  • The Zoological Survey Of India
  • Indian Institute of Petroleum
  • Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE)
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

Historical places in Dehradun, in Survey of India

  • Durbar Shri Guru Ram Rai
  • Forest Research Institute
  • Robber's Cave
  • The Sericulture Centre
  • Sahasradhara
  • Tapkeshwar Temple
  • Malsi Deer Park

Best Schools in Dehradun in Survey of India

  • Brightland School
  • Welham Boys School
  • Welham Girls School
  • Doon Public School
  • Selaqui School
  • St. Joseph Academy School
  • Guru Ram Rai Public School
  • DAV Public School
  • Marshall School
  • Hope Town School
  • Brook Lyn School
  • Colonel Brown School
  • Carman School
  • Neshville Day School

Dehradun Police

Dehradun Police
Police Protection in Dehradun
Dehradun police is very fast and active to take its Duties and Responsibilities. They take serously any cases occured in their areas. The mission of Dehradun Police is to maintain the rule, law, Regulation, peace, fearlessness and order. Main goal of Deheadun Police is to prevent crime, robbery, murder and rape. They are aware to takes their Duties.Police detect crimes very carefully and provide safe environment. Police request with community to help and their co-operation.

Dehradun police pay their duties with sense, fearlessness, objectivity, bravery. They protect the life of all citizens and property as well. Police helps during disaster, normalize traffic and maintain rule on roads.Police take action in rescue and relief work. They try to maintain safety and happy journey. Police of Dehradun provide safety for the pilgrims and other tourists who come to visit Dehradun. Dehradun Police make effort to get the belief and co-operation of the citizens and community. Through the discipline, responsiblility and politeness they want to get trust of people.Police behave friendly with citizens. Police is very skillful and modern of Dehradun and they are proficient in their work. They alerts all time. Police respect human rights persistently. They stylishly turned out.

Public Opinions and Complaints:
One part of duty is to create confidence in the public and community. This is very important part for any organization to be success in their own duty. As part of Police obligation to make high confidence in the society, Police provide site to visitors so that they came up with suggestions and Information. Through this technique it will improve the quality of life. It is not neccessy to visitors that they came up with only crime and murder report. All type of Information and Suggestion and Complaint can be submitted. If there is a problem of electricity, water or other civic services, Dehradun Police would be happy to convey your problems and grumble to the notice of appropriate authorities. If there would be a request, Dehradun Police will not expose name and identity of the complainer.

Development Authority in Dehradun

Dehradun Development Authority
DDA was established in 1984 with objective of planning and development of the city. Dehradun Development Authority is well known as DDA that overwhelmed all animates along with mankind for serving its higher association in Development of Dehradun.DDA is the higher technique & development agency to coordinate with all the; departments concerned for the development of the city. Dehradun Development Authority focuses on providing residential accommodation to various categories of home seekers many of whom come from outside the region. Hence, the demand for houses and all kinds of properties in Dehradun is rising constantly. On its own, it has developed residential colonies and blocks with all infrastructure facilities-roads; water supply, electricity, draining, parks and children's play areas. DDA is responsible to make Dehradun people's life much easier.

To maintain the greenery of Dehradun the authority has created Ecological fund, which is exclusively being utilized to enhance the quality of environment in the development zone. Today, DDA takes care all the things seriously and dedicated towards their objectives along with pride over the numbers of achievement.

Objectives of DDA:-

Implementation of the Master Plan
Acquisition of land to implement the various schemes.
Enforcement of plans and developmental schemes.
Adaptation of measures for protection of natural environment in the development area. Coordination with Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department and other agencies involved with urban development.
Strengthening the city infrastructure, with the new dimension of it being the interim capital of Uttaranchal.

Fields where DDA rapidly work:-
  • Urban Development
  • Building Constructions
  • Tax
  • Water Supply Management
  • Developing infrastructure
  • Making Road and streets
  • Food & Civil Supplies
  • Making colonies.
  • Transport
  • Dairy Development
  • Medical, Health & Family Welfare
  • Legislation
  • Administration
  • Labour
  • Finance
  • Environment Planning
  • Urban Economy
  • Shelter
  • High Education
  • Primary & Secondary Education
  • Land Conservation
  • Tourism Development
  • Lake Development

Tasks Under Construction by Development Authority:-

  1. Transport Nagar-About 12.50 acquired, Rs.6.50 lack sanctioned from HUDCO, Development works are under progress.
  2. Inter State Bus Terminal-About 13.00 hect. Land is under acquisition process, compensation amount transferred to SLAO for section 6 notification.
  3. Multi storie car parking cum shopping Complex near Clock Tower, 6793 sqmt. Land taken from RFC.
  4. Navyug Enclave GMS.Road Dehradun. 25 Duplex Houses constructed and 20 houses are under construction.

Projects that have been completed by DDA:-

  • Indirapuram Housing Project Phase-III
  • Sahastradhara Housing Project
  • Beautification of Rajpur Road
  • Beautification of Mussoorie Mall Road
  • Laxman Chowk Housing Project
  • Rajpur Housing Project
  • Dhakkpatti Housing Project
  • Dalanwala Housing Project
  • Mohini Road Housing Project
  • Dharampur Housing Project
  • Indirapuram phase I and II housing project
  • Nehrupuram Housing Project
  • Kedarpuram Housing Project
  • Authority Market (Pradhikaran Bazar)
  • Lohiyapuram Housing Project
  • Rispanapuram Housing Project

Famous Festivals Of Uttranchal

Famous Festivals Of Uttranchal

Dehradun is oldest city of India. Dehradun is cultural and green city that makes it, famous in World. Dehradun culture is very developed. Fair and Festival are unique interesting features in India.Uttranchal is known as land of Fair and Festival. Due to its cool climate. In fact, if it would be said that it is the land of fairs and festival, it won't be wrong. Uttranchal is the state where various temple are positioned. Uttranchal has it's own Fairs and Festivals. These Fairs and Festivals have been transferred from one generation to another generation. Generation follows these since centuries. In our age, these fairs and festivals have been converted into venues of fair. People come from all over the Country.

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is famous festival of north Indian. With the change of season, it is celebrated. People give beg to the poor and begger and take dips in to holy river. Uttarayani fair is conducted around this time. Another festival that is celebrated around this time is Kale Kauva. At this day children like to fly kite in North India.

Basant Panchmi

Basant Panchmi is famous festival in northern India, marks the starting of hot season. It is usually celebrated sometime between mid January to mid February. On this day Goddess Saraswati is worshipped, she is considered as the goddess of knowledge and so the festival contains special meaning those who takes educational degrees.

Phool Dei

According to the Hindu and Hindu calendar, the festival is celebrated in the starting of month of Chaitra It is mainly a festival of young girls, where in they go from house to house with plates full of rice, jaggery, coconut, green leaves and flowers. These girls give their blessings and wishes for the richness of the house.

Harela and Bhaitauli

This festival is celebrated on first day of navaratri. It's an famous festival. On the occassion of this festival women fill baskets with dirt and sow seven different seeds. On the last day, when the seeds have germinated and grown, women pluck them and put it on head and behind the ears. During this time, brothers send gifts to their sisters. The presents are called Bhaituali.

Other festivals that are celebrated in Uttranchal given below:

  • Olgia
  • Khatarua
  • Bat Savitri
  • Dasar

Hotel Shahenshah Dehradun

Shahenshah Hotel Dehradun

Shashenshah hotel is one of the famous hotel in Dehradun and known for serving good facility. This is positioned at main Rajpur Road that is main highway in Dehradun. Hotel Shahenshah is one of the important Economy hotel. It is located 3kms from pandara's main Prachin Mandir. Hotel Shahenshah's distance form the Railway station is only 1 kms, and also Its distance from the Bus Stand is only 1/2 kms. Distance from Airport is 25 km and Hotel Shashenshah also preferred choices of many business travelers and vacationers. Shashenshah hotel is located in green environment of Dehradun. All type of room and facility are provided by this hotel.Inspite of being a Hotel this provides medical, texi, railway reservation and airway reservation facilities.

Hotel address:-
77-C rajpur road,
dehradun-248 001,
Phone: 0135 - 2748508
Fax:: 0135 - 27422731

  • Money Changer
  • Doctor on Call
  • Safe Deposit
  • Acceptance of Credit Cards
  • Laundry
  • Baby Sitting
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Cloak Room
  • Taxi Service

University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies Dehradun

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is Asia's First Energy University, where student are prepared for knowledge of Oil and Gas Mangementand Power Management.University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) is the First Energy and allied sector University in the Pan Asian region.that offers career opportunities in the biggest and fast growing Oil & Gas, Power, Aviation, Port & Shipping, Automotive and Infrastructure sectors.

There are more than 2400 students and 125 faculty in the University. University spread across 3 world class campuses, With 33 specialised programs, more
than 1000 placements, UPES has set path-breaking benchmarks in the field of domain specific education and training in the country. UPES graduate engineers and managers, specialised post graduate professionals are already recognised by the leading Indian and global organisation

A large Campus is established closest to the Student dormitories. At a time about 1600 student can be accommodated. Students are provided with meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are various Coffee Shops, located in different academic buildings.

Sports and Other Facilities:
In the University Sport and game facility are provided for its student to be strong in health and mind.Stadium for playing cricket and other games also established in the campus, located near the main entrance to the University. It is designed to seat 10,000 viewers. The Stadium is open and has facilities for VIP seating, press box, and TV booths.In the mid-campus areas,there is a 25 meter indoor swimming pool, student shower and changing facilities, 3 soccer pitches Included are areas for basketball, volleyball, gymnastics handball, squash, table tennis, judo, tae kwon do, karate, weight training, and many other sports activities. Shower and changing rooms plus seating areas for spectators are also provided.
Residential Facility:
For the student University have provided seperate housing and residence in campus containing buildings which lodge about 2000 students. There is already 67 barracks which accommodate about 2,200 students so it can provide residence for the 4,200 students. Presently the construction of Phase-I housing buildings is finished and now provide housing to 1500 students. Now, Phase-II of students lodging is under construction which will also lodge about 1500 students.

Eligibility: To admit in University you have to qualify CAT with 70% to join MBA (Oil & Gas Management) and MBA (Power Management) programs with minimum 60% marks in 10th, 12th, Graduation.For the engineering graduate,there will be priority Group Discussion & Personal Interview are also held on after qualifying written examination. Only more than 200 companies turned up at UPES for summer and final placements last year. Some of the other highlights of UPES include:
First Energy and allied sector University in the Pan Asian region.
First Indian University of its kind to be approved by UGC.
First Domain specific Asian University to offer career opportunities across Oil & Gas, Power, Aviation, Port & Shipping, Automotive and Infrastructure sectors.
First Asian University to be accredited by Energy Institute, UK

Opportunities in Oil & Gas Sector,A few quick industry facts:.
India is the fifth largest energy consumer in the world.
India ranks sixth in refining capacity in the world.
India is sixth largest crude oil consumer in the world.
India is ninth largest crude oil importer in the world

Dehradun-Capital of Uttrakhand

Dehradun is the Capital City and Heart of Uttrakhand

Before dividing from Uttar Pradesh, Dehradun is known as only a great city of of Uttar Pradesh, but when Uttarakhand was formed as a new freedom state, it became the capital city of Uttranchal. Uttarakhand is the 27th state of the Republic of India. It was formed on 9th Nov 2000 and was seperated out of Uttar Pradesh after a big resist of the Uttaranchali people. Uttarakhand lies in the Northern part of India amidst the glorious Himalayas and intense forests. In the north the state is bordering Himachal Pradesh and in the South Uttar Pradesh and has international limitations with Nepal and China.

Dehradun is the capital of Uttaranchal. It is positioned in the Doon hill at the foothills of Himalaya. Ganga flood in the east and Yamuna in the west. Guru Dronacharya medidated here, which was then known as Drona Ashram. Sikh Guru Ram Rai camped here, where the Ram Rai Durbar is located, presently it attracts lots of devotees and supporters from India. The name Dehra is derived from here. The British originate the environment of Dehradun very pleasing and established Forest Research Institute, Indian Military Academy, ONGC, Survey of India, Very near from Dehradun is the hill route of Mussoorie.

Total literacy of Dehradun is 70%,that proofs ,Dehradun is a well educated city of Uttrakhand. Population of Dehradun is 1025.68 thousand.Male literacy is 78% and female literacy is 60% that shows, the high education curicity of male.

Important places that attract people from Dehradun mas well as outside of Dehradun is Tapkeshwar, Robbers' Cave, Tapovan, The Malsi Deer Park, The Forest Research Institute, Kalsi, Sahastradhara, The Yamuna Hydel Scheme Dakpathar, Lakshman Siddh.

Dehradun has been one of the favorite residential cities. It is also an important educational centres of the country. Best private schools and convents are located here.The Indian Military Academy, The Froest Research Institute, the Oil and Natural Gas comission and many more offices of Central and State Govt. are also situated here. Dehradun is quite associated with rail, road and air routes to all over country.

The Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport from Dehradun about 25 km away, on the border of the town. There is a daily flight from Dehradun to Delhi, which is the nearest international airport.

Dehradun is a major railhead on the Northern Railway line with direct trains to almost all the metropolitan cities of India and some important tourist destinations in Uttaranchal. The Shatabdi Express is the best option for the tourists coming from Delhi and the other good option is the Mussorie Express. The Dehradun-Mumbai Express connects the city to Mumbai. There are also trains to Varanasi, Kolkata and Lucknow.

Dehradun is well connected to other cities of Uttaranchal and Delhi with regular bus services. From Dehradun distances of some metro and major cities are Agra 381 km, Calcutta 1562 km, Chennai 2365 km, Delhi 235 km, Jaipur 493 km, Lucknow 582 km, and Mumbai 1578 km. We would provide you all India tourist permit vehicles for the local transportations and also for the intercity drives too.

Iinterest for the tourists are Tapkeshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sahastra Dhara the sulphur springs, Robbers Cave a picnic spot, Dakpathar Barrage, Tapovan a place where Guru Drona did sacrament, Kalanga headstone for Gorkha Gen Balbhadra Thapa, Ashoka decree at Kalsi.

Internet Service Provider in Dehradun

Dehradun is the modern city. Life has became very fast and every one want to access information without waisting their time. Quick information can be access through Internet.You want to get important information through the Internet. In our age, there are multiple companies that provide Internet services. To access the Internet you have to pay money as charge of service.

An Internet service provider is also called Internet access provider. ISP are companies that provide Internet and related services. ISP run by most of the phone companies but now, ISPs can be started by just about any individual or group with sufficient money and expertise.Moreover, you can access Internet through numerous technologies such as dial-up and DSL.ISP provides services like internet transit, domain name registration and hosting, web hosting, and colocation

Internet has become a need for everyone in present time.You can access Internet everywhere in the City. Schools,Colleges, Institutes and Offices also depends upon Internet services. Most of the Government works also performed by Internet.Internet plays a major role in our life. Most of the companies and Industries feel need of Internet. In Dehradun,internet services provided by differrent companies including phone companies or individual, we have provided name of some ISP in Dehradun .

Internet Service Provider
Tata Indicom

Way of providing Internet
Dial Up
Internet Providers
Broadband Internet

Map Of Dehradun

Maps of Dehradun,India
Dehradun is the capital of the state of Uttarakhand in North India. Dehradun city acquires 37.17 sq. km. area of land, and the population of Dehradun city is near about 271,000. The city is located in the Doon gorge in the north west of the state. The Dehradun is positioned between the Himalayas in the North and the Shivalik hills to the South. The two sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna touch Dehradun on the both eastern and western sides correspondingly.

Dehradun city is one of the most famous city and vision place in the World that attract tourist. This is most popular destination for all people and touirist. This tourism contains places of important temples, religious places,beauty, and many interesting government institutions and training centres. Tourists can find Deharadun maps and other tourist information on Dehradun in site. India-Maps provides high quality roads and their maps on all big and hi-tech cities.

India-Maps provides road maps on Uttarancha including Dehradun and nearby areas. Maps provides detailed Road Map inforamation about Dehradun. Dehradun Road Map shows the most important tourist places of the Dehradun district that includes Mussoorie-Rishikes and consecrated consideration center encircled by hills on three sides with River Ganga flowing through it. The map on the roads in Dehradun makes possible verdict the location of Mussoorie that is a very famous hill station, very easily.

Maps of Dehradun also provides Maps for Rajpur Road, which makes easier to all people to reach Dehradun and nearby areas like Mussoorie,Rishikesh and many more places. Map of Rajpur Road provides all main offices, banks,companies, hotels and colleges situated on Rajpur Road.

Dehradun Distance

Dehradun Distance From Metro And Other Cities
Dehradun is the Capital of Uttranchal and situated in hilly areas of Himalayas.Dehradun is known for its historical places ae well as cool environment.Dehradun is located in Uttranchal and very near to Mussoorie and Rishikesh and Nainital. Distance of Dehradun from other cities are considered by air way.Distance from Metro cities and other big cities are predicted below.If you are unknown from distances ,you can view this chart and get real information about that.


Dehradun Training Centre

Training Centres in Dehradun

There are famous Training Centres in Dehradun,that provides various types of training.Multi Disciplinary Training Centre is one of the big training centre in Dehradun.Indian Military Academy It is a premier training institute for Army Officers.Forest Research Institute and Indian Military Academy and Indian Institute of Petroleum is also in Dehradun.Others Training Centres are listed below:

Multidisciplinary Training centre ,Dehradun

Tibetan Sos Vocational Training Centre , Dehradun

Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA)

Staff college for the officers of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) in Dehradun

Forest Research InstituteIndian Military Academy

Wadia Institute of Himalyan GeologyThe Zoological Survey Of India

Indian Institute of Petroleum

Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE)

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd


In the year 1987, The Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy was established .Later, renamed as erstwhile Indian Forest College, which was originally established in 1938 for forest officers training. It is situated on Chakrata Road five kilometers from Dehradun, in the New Forest campus of Forest Research Institute. IGNFA is currently working as a Staff College for the officers of the Indian Forest Service. The primary mandate of the Academy is to impart knowledge and skills to the professional foresters and help them to develop competence for managing the country's forest and wildlife resources on a sustainable basis. Training is provided in defferent levels in academy of seniority in the Indian Forest Service.


Forest Research Institute is established as Imperial Forest Research Institute in 1906, Dehradun,Forest Research Institute is a leader institution under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education.The main building is a National Heritage which was established in the year 1929. FRI is located in the surroundings of Doon Valley. the Forest Research Institute is a conceited evidence to the prescience and revelation of foresters and administrators of ancient times. As a scientific speculation, Forestry,made its beginning in the mid-nineteenth century in India. With the end of the nineteenth century there a need was occured for research in forestry.Fortunately, Dehradun was selected to house the Forest Research Institute, which was finally established in 1906.


Name of the Course Duration

1. Candle and Chalk Making - 1 Week

1. Agarbatti Making - 1 Month

2. Detergent Powder Making - 2 Weeks

3. Cloth Screen & Block Printing. - 2 Weeks

4. Voltage Stabilizer - 2 weeks

5. Masala Artisan Course - 1 Month

6. Masala Artisan Course - 1 Month

7. Motor Winding - 3 Months

8. Diamond cutting - 2 Months

9. Short term course in V.I. - 1 Week

10. EAP 2 - 2 Days

11. E.D.P. for MMS beneficiaries - 5 Days

Delhi to Dehradun

Mapping Distance Delhi to Dehradun
Delhi is 265 km.away from Dehradun.In same day you can go Dehradun and can return back from Dehradun to Delhi.Dehradun is beautiful city in Uttranchal.This place is known to be an ideal place for spending weekends with its beautiful rolling hills of green, misty mornings and fresh air. Nestled in the Shivaliks, the hill station is 640 metres above sea level.

Dehradun is Situated in the heart of Uttranchal, Dehradun is a popular hill station visited by hundreds of tourists round the year. One of the specialties of Dehradun is its vicinity to Mussoorie that lets the tourists visit Mussoorie along with Dehradun in a same tour. Having a conductive climate, Dehradun is famous for its fruit orchards and growth of fruit trees. Dehradun is also a home to several institutions and public schools. Get to know more about Dehradun during Delhi Dehradun Weekend Tour.

Dehradun, lies in a broad and forested valley of the Shivalik ranges and footthills of Himalayas, Uttrakhand is known for its hygienic climate and Environment. Legend has it Guru Dronacharaya, a Brahmin teacher of warfare, considered the place fit for meditation & worship and therefore, the valley of Doon was christened Drona Ashram, meaning "The Abode of Drona". During British Raj, It was the summer base of the Viceroy's Bodyguard and at present, the base of the Indian Military Academy.

Travel Information about Delhi to Dehradun:

1. To reach from Delhi to Dehradun, by road, through the buses like luxury buses and general buses is easy and journey of 6 hours.Via Meerut,Muzzafarnagar,chitlampur, you can reach Dehradun.
2.By Rail you can go Dehradun from delhi,very quickly.Dehradun Shatabdi and Mussoorie Express are trains that reaches in timely about 4 hours.
3.Delhi Airport help you to reach Dehradun quickly in 40 minutes.Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun serves you.

Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS) -Dehradun


RIMS is an Management College that provides management degrees. RIMS was established in 2007. Sri. M.S. Ramaiah, the Founder of Gokula Education Foundation has found it.To admit in the college you should have eligibility.You should be graduate in any discipline and 50% marks in MAT/ CAT. For applying in the college you have to get recieve that send a DD for Rs. 650/- to the Institute.College provides cool environment for studies.
College provides specialization in different stream. Subject offered by college are Sales and Marketing, Financial services and Banking, Retail Management, International business, Information Technology.Students are forced to deep study and also forced to taking interest in sports and games.

Coures offered by RIMS: MBA Coures Description: MBA Programme

In the University there is a seminar Hall that is used for student meetings, guest lectures and viewing of films on week-ends. The students have authority to choose and decide what films they would like to be screened, in consultation with the hostel warden.
There is a Computer laboratory, in which over 200 computer machines with latest software tools and is operational from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. The computer labs are:
prepared with Compaq machines and High speed Proliant servers.
Backed by modern and hi-tech operating systems
The facility is backed by a power supply.

Dehradun Tour

Attraction for Tourist in Dehradun:
Dehradun is one of the famous tourist destinations in Uttaranchal and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Dehradun is flanked by the Himalayas in the North, the Shivalik range in the south, the Yamuna river to its west and the Ganges to its east. The city is located in the North western side of the state and adjoins the districts of Uttarkashi, Pauri Garhwal, Hardwar, Nahan (Himachal Pradesh) and Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh). The city is also historically significant as archeological evidences reveal that that in the times of Mahabharata, these forests were used by the Pandavas when they were sent on their exile.

Places of visit in Dehradun:-
There are several places to visit in Dehradun.The climate of Dehradun is bearable in every season like summer, winter, monsoon.Tourist come on tour here from abroad,to visit historical places,temples,hotels.There are some places in Dehradun listed below that attract tourist and realy, tourist overwhelmed to its places.

Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai :
Darbar Shri guru ram rai is a fortress like structure seems to have been built 300 years ago during the reign of Aurangzeb, when the Guru migrated to the valley and pitched his tent there.The Guru had a huge richly decorated flag and the locality around it was called the Jhanda Mohalla, the nucleus around which the new city of Dehradun gradually grew.

Robber's Cave :
located 8 kms from the city near the cantonment is one of nature's phenomenon to confuse man, a stream of water suddenly disappears from sight and a few yards away appears again in a gushing stream. The cave is accessible by bus till Anarwala, a distance of 6 kms and the rest of the 2 kms have to be traveled on foot.

Sahasradhara :
Near about 14 kms away is a place which has natural sulphur springs.Sahasratra Dhara, literally meaning, the 'thousand-fold spring', is situated at a distance of 11kms from Dehra Dun. The place makes an ideal picnic spot and is of immense attraction to visitors. The water here has a fall of about 9 meters and is breathtakingly beautiful. Scores of people come to the sulfur spring to bathe as the water is said to cure skin infections and possess other medicinal properties

Lakshmansidh :
12 kms on the route to Rishikesh is a popular shrine.Malsi Deer Park :On way to Mussoorie is pleasant place set amidst sal forest.Malsi Deer Park is a mini-zoological park comprising of a children's park enveloped by beautiful, natural surroundings. It offers an ideal sight-seeing cum picnic spot.

Tapkeshawar Temple:
Tapkeshwar Shiv Temple, an ancient place of worship, is situated on the banks of a rivulet, in the Garhi Cantt. area. It is named Tapkeshwar as water droplets, originating from a rock, fall on the Shivling placed in the shrine. People in large numbers participate in the fair organized on the occasion of Shivratri and pay their obeisance to the deity.

Situated 7kms from Dehradun on the Dehradun-Delhi road is the famous temple of Chandrabani. Legend has it that spot was inhabited by Maharishi Gautam, his wife and daughter Anjani who are widely worshipped by the people. It is believed that the Goddess Ganga had manifested herself on this spot.

Sai Darbar:
Situated 8kms along the Clock Tower on Rajpur Road, is the Sai Darbar Temple. This place holds a high cultural and spiritual value and is visited by tourists from across the country and foreigners as well.

Santala Devi Temple:
About 15kms from Dehradun to reach the famous temple of Santaula Devi, which stands as a symbol of the faith people have in the temple and has a great cultural and religious significance. It is believed that Santla Devi and her brother, on realizing that they would not be able to face the advancing Mughal Army, abandoned their weapons and began to pray. Soon, a light flickered and within moments they both were transformed into stone images.

Approximately, 5kms from the City Bus Stand on the Dehradun-Rajpur road, this place is situated in beautiful surroundings. Legend has it that Guru Dronacharya had done penance in this area.

Rajaji National Park:
Rajaji National Park was founded in 1966 and spreads over an area of 820 sq kms. The park with its magnificent ecosystem, is nestled in the lush valley of Shivalik ranges and is home to 23 species of mammals and 315 of fauna.

Dehradun Historical Places

Dehradun Historical Places

Dehradun is most popular city in India. Throughout the year number of tourist come here to visit famous places like Laxman Siddh,Tapkeswar Temple,Malsi Deer Park etc.Dehradun is situated in the cool environment.The climate of the city is temperate.City is positioned in the foot hills of Himalayas,that makes it green and positive for everyone.
There are various Historical palaces at Dehradun for visit the visitors. A large number of tourist visit at Dehradun every year due to the Headquarter of the Deharadun. Dehradun's climate is temperate. In the summer seasion also in Dehradun not so warm in the compression of the other districts, which are saturated in the south of the dehradun. There is also Military Academy located in the Dehradun . There are various historical places located in the Dehradun. Some of the important are Robber's cave, Gurudwara, Tapkeshawar Temple etc

Robber's Cave:-

It is situated at the distance of eight km. from the Dehradun City.Presently this is a picnic place. The main natural point of this place is that, all this place is surrounded by hills where water are goes in the stream where as the water are disappears form the sight and goes in the underground only a few yards in the form of the stream. At the Robber's cave different people come and enjoy with their family and friends.

Laxman Siddh:-

Laxman siddh is a famous historical place of the Dehradun. It is situated at the distance of 12 km from the Dehradun near the Hardwar/Rishikesh, it is vary famous temple in the Dehradun. In the solidity of the other days this temple is visited mostly Sunday due to the easy accessibility and vacation of children . This place is visited by a large number of people on the Sunday as well as other days.

Tapkeshawar Temple:-
Taapkeshwar Shiv Temple is located on the banks of a rivulet, it is an accent place of the worship and it situated in the Garhi cantt. Tapkesawar Temple is 5.5 km away from the Dehradun. From the city bus stand we can reach here by the road this place is well connected by the road. At this place on the occasion of Shivratri a large number of people participate in the fair organization. All people of Dehradun on the occasion of Shivratri pay their obeisance to the deity.

Malsi Deer Park:-
Malsi Deer Park is situated at the foot hills of the Shivalik. It is10 Kms far from the Dehradun, and is a beautifully developed tourist spot. At the Malsi Deer park there is a mino-zoological park, it is specially for the children's park.Malsi deer park is located in the way of the Mussoorie. At this place attractive environs the available of the refreshment maks the place and at the Malsi Deer park has an ideal shght-seeing sum cnic spot.


Sahasratra Dhara, laterally meaning, the 'thousand fold spring' is situated at a distance of 11 kms. from Dehra Dun. The place makes an ideal picnic spot and is of immense attraction to visitors. The Baldi river and the caves provide a breathtaking view.


It is situated near about, 5 kms from the City Bus Stand on the Dehradun-Rajpur road, this place is situated in beautiful environment. Myth has it that Guru Dronacharya had done sacrament in this area.

Sai Darbar:-

Situated 8 Kms along the Clock Tower on Rajpur Road, is the Sai Darbar Temple. This place holds a high cultural and spiritual value and is visited by tourists from across the country and foreigners as well.

Tibetan Temple:-

It is situated near the Sai Darbar Temple is a huge and colourful temple of Lord Buddha.It is situated on Rajpurv Road.

Bhagirathi Resort:-

After a 18 km. long drive,Bhagirathi Resort at Selaqui, Dehradun lends a breath-taking vision of the Himalayan ranges. The resort lures the tourists with its soothing swimming pool, water slides and fountains. The Resort is a tourist place in Dehradun.


Centre for space and technology in Dehradun
Centre for space and technology came into existence under affiliation to the United Nations in India in 1995. It has been supported by the Department of Space Government of India, and is advised by a 15 member International Governing Board. Its activities extent across Remote Sensing and GIS, Satellite Communications, Satellite Meteorology and Space Science. It conducts postgraduate courses in all these disciplines. Since the Centre has trained about 655 persons from than 30 countriesin addition from asia.
The overall purpose of this training course is to make the participants unconscious of the latent of space technology for various phases of flood risk management. The participants will be exposed to, relevant remote sensing, GIS and communication technologies, so as to get an in depth understanding how these technologies can be used in an operational scenario. With the training received it is expected that the participant will have adequate skills to apply the knowledge acquired in ones own country to support organization / managers involved in flood risk management.

The goal of the centre is to develop capability for research and applications:-
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
Satellite Communications
Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate
Space and Atmospheric Sciences

The headquarter of Centre is located in the campus of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) at Dehradun,India, a unit of National Remote Sensing Agency , Department of Space, Govt. of India. IIRS provides infrastructure support to the headquarter office. The Centre also has equipped establishments at Ahmedabad in the campuses of Space Applications Centre (SAC), and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) of Department of Space, Govt. of India.

Satellite Communication
RS and GIS
Space Science
Post Graduate Courses
Short Term Courses
Satellite Mateorology

Education Program:-
The educational programme of the Centre is oriented towards the propagation of knowledge in important aspects of space science and technology. The centre offers post graduate level courses in the areas of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Satellite Communications, Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate, Space and Atmospheric Sciences.

Dehradun Legal Adviser

Legal Services:-

Legal Advice is key factor on legal issue.Legal adviser is responsible for all legal issue,who gives advice on internal and external matter.Besides,giving legal advice, he also prevent to do any illegal effort in wrong way.whatever, you have to perform and in which manner you have to perform. The adviser also suggest you about domestic and external issue as well as he say to you maintain patience and quitute. Green Hackworth is the first legal adviser and after he was judge in international court of justice. The legal adviser should be responsible for advising right thing on right time in right manner.
There are several legal advice offices in the world from where you can contact for legal advise,but here name of some legal adviser in Dehradun is listed below.

1.J.K. Grover
2.Mr.Anup Narula
3.P.K. Goel
4.Sanjay Chandana
5.Vijay Singhla

Key skills for legal Adviser:-
Excellent communication skills,
both spoken and written Self-confident
Reliable and responsible have strong
organizational and time-management
skills Interested in criminal and family
law enjoy working with all types of people.

Legal Adviser suggest you in these area's:-

Communal Biggority
Action against the police
Consumer and general contract
Family law
Public law
Mental health
Welfare benefits
Personal injury

Distance Learning Education In Dehradun

Correspondence And Distance Learning Education

In our age,Distance education,Correspondence and online education have achieved an important place in people.Distance education made our life easier as much as possible. Distance learning education help us to get degree from a traditional and reputated University. Through distance learning , you can get regular degree from college online and receive a certificate award, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree or complete your degree via the Internet.
There are so many of online programs and locate the one that's best for you. The starting of distance education was in 1728 and University Of London was the first university who offers the distance learning courses. In the Dehradun condition of Distance education is so good Almost all the universities who provide the distance learning courses are organizing the courses via different -different studies center in Dehradun.

Some of Distance Education Colleges are given below that offers various types of courses :-

IGNOU Regional Center - Dehradun.

Himalaya Publications Private Ltd, Dehradun.

DAV PG College, Dehradun.

Himalayan Action Research Centre.

Himalaya Publications Private Limited.

Alagappa University - Directorate of Distance Education - Study Centers in Dehradun.

Gurukul Education Society, Dehradun


IGNOU is the largest Open University of India and fifth largest University in the World.. IGNOU is central open university established in 1985 played a vital role in the establishment of Distance Education Council (DEC) .IGNOU has a strong network of over 961 Study center in India. There are more than 14 lakh students enrolled in the university. The regional office of IGNOU also in Dehradun handles all the IGNOU activities in Uttarakhand.

Institute in Dehradun:-
1.TIME, 1st Floor, 18-A, Subhash Road, Near Kanak Cinema, Dehradun - 248 201 Ph : 0135-2710391/6540391 2.PT Education, 38, Subhash Road, Opp. Chinmay Mission, Dehradun (Uttaranchal) 248 001 Ph : (0135) 2712435, 32535302.

Jobs in dehradun

Jobs in dehradun
Dehradun is most popular city in India.It is one of the economic city in India just because of its governmental and private jobs.Dehradun is most developed city and leading city in IT and BPO jobs.Number of Software Companies and Call Centres are opened in Dehradun.Government jobs are also provided by Government. Government Jobs are offered according to eligibility and profficiency of candidates.Due to the various Job options compitition is being high in Country. Number of Jobs are offered in Dehradun in various fields every year.Vacancies in both type of fields are filled by Interview and Test,after passing both candidate can join the particular job.
IT jobs:-
IT jobs are offered in Dehradun timely, when there is requirement of employee.You can apply for appropriate job through the Internet.Through the Newspaper you can also apply for Jobs.There is no charge for posting job adverts on our website, simply register by clicking here and post your job vacancy advertsMultiple Companies hire candidates yearly.
Telecom jobs:-
Recruitment of Graduate Engineer Junior Telecom Officers by BSNL.BSNL is the number one Telecom Company of India.This Telecom Company provides WLL,GSM and land line network in the Country.Also provides fixed exchange connecting whole India from big Cities.
Call Centres jobs:-
Dehradun is one of the developing cities in India.Call centres are also opened in city to overcome unemployment. Call centres provide opportunities for well educated and trained graduates and undergraduates. Some of Dehradun's best call centres offer excellent career opportunities to those trained in call centre skills. The best Call Centres in Dehradun make certain to provide its employees with sufficient expansion opportunities. Some best call centers provide facilities for enjoy and entertainment to keep the staff motivated to accomplish the difficult responsibilities.

Dehradun From Sea Level

Height of Dehradun from sea level
Dehradun is Capital of Uttrakhand and situated at height in the fiitthills of Himalayas. River Ganga and Yamuna both flow nearby the Dehradun City.Dehradun is great city vof India and is known for its historical places and better climate.All the scene and places you suppose you can find in this City.
Its height form sea level 2,200 ft.Summers in Dehradun generally lasts from mid-April to mid-June. Temprtature in summer is minimum 16oC and maximum 36oC. Monsoons generally last from the month of July to September.Winters last from November to February and are very cold; In the winter Maximum Temperature is 23oC. and minimum 5oC.thats why you can visit throught the year in Dehradun.Rainfall average is 2073 mm.
This is situated in the mountains of the Himalayas, at the height of 2,200 feet. Dehradun is a scenic valley of North India where we find attractive things Dehradun known for having the headquarters to some of the most important organizations of the country and also houses some of its leading educational institutions and Colleges and Training Centres,considered as an elite city of India.Beyond from the numerous tourist attractions of the place, what makes it a popular getaway is its calm and refreshing climate. Dehradoon enjoys a composite climate, which is typical of North India. Given below is complete information on the weather of Dehradun.

Dehradun Situation:
Location: Uttarakahand
Altittude: 2,200 ft (above sea level)
Summer Temperature: Minimum: 16.7oC, Maximum: 36oC
Winter Temperature: Minimum: 5.2oC, Maximum: 23.4oC
Average Rainfall: 2073.3mm
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Fairs in Dehradun

Dehradun is oldest city of India. Dehradun is cultural and green city that makes it, famous in World.Dehradun culture is very developed.Fair and Festival are unique interesting features in India.Uttranchal is known as land of Fair and Festival.Due to its cool climate. In fact, if it would be said that it is the land of fairs and festival, it won't be wrong. Uttranchal is the state where various temple are positioned.Uttranchal has it's own Fairs and Festivals.These Fairs and Festivals have been transferred from one generation to another generation.generation follows these since centuries.In our age, these fairs and festivals have been converted into venues of fair.People come from all over the Country.
Famous Fairs Of Uttaranchal:
The Uttarayani Fair
The Uttarayani fair is one of the famous fair in Uttranchal .It effects social and cultural stuff of Uttaranchal. This fair is not organized at only one place but,organized at many places also.Maximum crowds gather on this ocassion.Now,it is a great commercial center.Multiple items are traded here like baskets, casks, bamboo articles, mats, mattresses, carpets, blankets, herbs,copper pots and iron etc.

Jauljibi And Thal Fairs
The fair of Jauljibi is celebrated every year in the month of November. The place is also very important since it is the union point of Rivers Kali and Gori.Here cultures, Shauka, Nepali and Kumaoni meets. It was also once the centre point between Tibet and Tarai regions.This fair is significant for its commercial value.Visitors from nepal and country come here to visit .Multiple items are sold here like horses and ghee.

Nanda Devi Fair
This festival celebrated in multiple cities includind Dehradun. This fair is celebtrated due to Nanda Devi,who is patron goddess of people. This fair is celebrated in many cities like Almora, Nainital, Kot, Ranikhet, Bhowali, Kichha and on a smaller level in villages.view. Jhanda Fair Jhanda Fair is celebrated every year at the historic Guru Ram Rai Darbar in Dehradun City.This is celebrated on the fifth day after Holi in the sacred memory of the Guru.

Laxman Sidhha Fair
Lakshman Siddha is one of the four Siddhpeeths around Dehradun. It has immense religious importance. It is mainly a local religious fair held every Sunday. It is 10 kms away on Dehradun-Rishikesh road.It can be achieved easily by bus and tempo.
Mahasu Devta's Fair
Mahasu Devta's fair is conducted at Hanol The fair is celebrated in August every year, when Mahasu Devta(god) is taken out in a procession. . The havan samagri is arranged by the Government of India. Number of visitors come to visit in fair from the closest Tehri, Uttarkashi and Saharanpur.
Veer Kesri Chandra Fair
This fair is conducted at Ramtal in Nagau gram sabha of Chakrata tehsil in Dehradun districtRamtal is pretty place.During the navratras in the month of April a big fair is conducted here. A temple and a memorial dedicated to the freedom fighter Veer Kesri Chandra is located at this spot.


Carman School Dehradun

Carman School is situated in the conditions of the Himalayan Range in the Doon Valley. Carman School was established by Mr. and Mrs. I.L..G. Mann, on 3 march,1960.Management of a Board of Governors, handles it. It is a College handled by the Government, open to all peoples, nationalities, casts without any reservation. The school is associated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.We foster children's natural brain curiosity while helping each student achieve high academic standards. We value society involvement & celebrate assortment by building on the well-built contributions of each child & family.

Carman School is a well known and Residential school for students.It is one of the best school in dehradun It is situated about 11 km away form the the Dehra Dun at Shyampur. There is open field for playing games and sports in campus.Carman School is 10 km.away from Clock Tower and 4 km. away from Indian Military Academy.Prem Nagar is also 2 km. away from Carman School Campus.Ballupur Chowk is situated at the distance of 6 km.from Carman School.

The principal with a team of trained professional strive to achieve and instill amongst the students the following :

  • A sense of discipline, love of fair play, straight forward behavior and a spirit of service.
  • Inculcate in children self confidence, self reliance and the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.
  • Develop the student's capacity to think, write and speak effectively and express themselves creatively.

Tutorial Facility is also provided for Students, who weak in studies after school hours. Parents paid extra charge for the same. Students who want to join Carman School in class XI must apply at the beginning of the Academic year. These students will be arranged provisional admission on the basis of their opening examination results and this admission will be fixed on the basis of the student being qualified the required percentage in the Board examinations.Student, who does not qualify the board examination or get failed, will have to change their track of study or will be asked to disappear the school. Principal's decision will be final decision in both cases.


The faculty and staff are highly educated and very intelligent.Faculties are selected by Board of Governors.School organized recruitment for faculty and staff. For the selection of faculty recruiter must have a good academic degree and teaching degree with strong English background, proficiency in sports and ability to organise co-curricular activities.

Sports Activities

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Carman School where, one of the most picturesque cricket pitches in the valley, with its back drop of the main school building. Cricket is played throughout the year. Student are coached by expert coaches.Carman School's student take interest in tournament conducted by every school.
The passion of foorball is not less than cricket in School. Carman School is consecrated with one of the most scenic football grounds, with its back side of the main school building. Throughout the year football is played in the Carman School. Our students participated in the football tournament organized by the Council Schools Association.Don't forget the Carbury Memorial sub junior football tournament organised by Carman School, Nehru Road, Dehra Dun.
Swimming facility is also provided in school.There are one of the most beautiful swimming pool . Swimming is tolerable only in the season that is favourable to the weather conditions.The pool is cleaned and when required & is under the supervision of our experts. The Swim Team continues to go from strength to strength.

Indian Institute Of Petroleum

Indian Institute Of Petroleum
Welcome to IIP-Dehradun
The Indian Institute of Petroleum was setup in October 1959, as a National Laboratory under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to provide technological backup and to train the cadres required for the petroleum industry.IIP started functioning in September 1960. IIP is positioned in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, at the foothills of Himalayas. One of the component laboratories of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, it is a premier organisation dedicated to Research & Technology development in hydrocarbon sector.
It is dedicated to multidisciplinary areas of Research and Improvement in the down stream sector of hydrocarbon and related industry. The Institute has continued its efforts to raise into an internationally renowned R&D organisation, providing quality research and inventive technologies for the national and international market place and to produce technical support to the industry. The acquirement of ISO-9001 certification by the institute in 1998 is a step forward.
During the late 1963 to early 1965,IIP moved in stages from New Delhi, into the large area of the tea estate of Mokhampur, about 8 km to the east of Dehradun on the road to Rishikesh having an area of 257.57 acres.IIP undertakes various analytical as well as R & D work from the industry on sponsored basis. It also organises advanced training courses for personnel engaged in Oil, petrochemical and automobile industries.



IMS is steadfast to provide high inferiority education, training and expertise to enhance the fundamental abilities of the students and promote their managerial and technological skills. We are committed to comply with the requirements of quality management system to continually improve the effectiveness of the process. IMS Dehradun offers a variety of exclusive facilities that have established it as a center of excellence for education in Management, Information Technology and International Business. Seminar Hall that is used for student meets, guest lectures and screening of films on week-ends. The students choose and decide what films they would like to be screen, in conference with the hostel warden.In the IMS there is facility to Conference and board meetings and big halls for student.Student-Faculty meeting room is also provided by IMS.

Facilities offered by IMS are precised below:
IMS Dehradun Seminar Hall

Theatre styled classrooms

IMS Dehradun Computer laboratory

The Mass Communication Studio

The completely e-nabled library

IMS Dehradun sports and extra curricular activities


IMS Dehradun sanatorium

Student lodging at IMS

IMS Dehradun Sports:
IMS Dehradun Sports activities are most important for student so that they can develop theirself. For the sports and games IMS find out times form an integral part of the education. Beyond the Academics education development of the children, IMS recognize the importance of the achievements.there are Stadium for playing the required games like cricket,tennis,golf,football and much more.The students make use of the land for cricket, hockey and football.

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science in Dehradun was set up in the year 1994 with an aim to offer modern technical education at low cost to students from the middle class society.

The institute was established by Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission and is funded by Durbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj.

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science is located at Patel Nagar in Dehradun. The college is spread over a magnanimous 12.5 acres of land with well furnished infrastructure. The institute is recognized by HNB Garhwal University as Center for Research in Management leading to Ph.D.

At Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science of Dehradun, the courses are divided into the following 4 streams :

Management : Masters in Business Administration (MBA) - 2 years (Full Time) and 3 years (Part Time)

Computer Application : Masters in Computer Application (MCA) - 3years (Full Time)

Pharmaceutical : Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) - 4 years (Full Time)

Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) - 2 years (Full Time)

Life Science : Bachelor of Science (CBZ - Biotechnology) Dual Degree-Diploma
Programme - 3 Years (Full Time)

Master of Science - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - 2 Years (Full Time)

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) - 3 Years (Full Time)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - 3 Years (Full Time)

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science at Dehradun stands apart from others in the following ways :

Computer laboratory with all the modern facilities including Broadband Internet connectivity.

Library with DELNET connectivity, over 17500 books and subscription to more than 50 journals. Qualified and experienced faculty members.

Central Soil and Water Conservation Research & Training Institute

Central Soil and Water Conservation Research & Training Institute:
In Dehradun there are famous institutions that provide facilities like Research and complex libraries.There are numerous Training Centers and Institutions that provide research facility and better lab facility to its candidate as well as creative environment.Forest Research Institute, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Instrument Research and Development Establishment are some research and training centers in Dehradun. Central Soil and Water Conservation Reasearch and Training Institute was well known with the establishment in the yaer 1974.This Institute was established at Kaulagarh Road, Dehradun. Central Soil and Water Conservation Reasearch and Training Institute provides numerous programmes such as spare/waste/uncultivated land development, Erosion control, Watershed management, Rain water management, Training in soil and water conservation etc.

Institute of Technology -Dehradun

Dehradun Technology Industries

Dehradun Institute of Technology was established in the year 1998. Dehradun Institute of Technology is an engineering college in Uttarakhand, India.DIT is a leading and growing technical institute, that offer under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in several streams of Engineering, IT and Management. There are 2300 student in the campus.Student are teached by a highly distinguished faculty using the latest teaching technique, excellent hostel facilities. Dehradun engineering institutes spread all over the country.
Dehradun Institute of Technology is associated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow.It is the initial institute in Uttaranchal to be endorsed by AICTE, New Delhi. The institute is also acknowledged by Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India. Dehradun Institute of Technology has also obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Dehradun Institute of Technology provides all type of technical degrees like B.E.,B.Tech.,M.B.A.,M.C.A etc.Student of this Institute are very sharp mind and intelligent in their own descipline.High education based on syllabus as well as other non-education knowledge are provided to students.Faculty helps them to enhance their knowledge and update their knowledge to establish in society and market.

Courses offered by Dehradun Information Technology are defined below:








M.Tech ( Digital Communication)

M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)

Facilities offered by Dehradun Institute Technology are:-

Hi-tech computer center with all modern equipments and technologies including hi-speed Internet connectivity.
Medical Insurance coverage for all the students through National Insurance Corporation of India.
In-campus doctor, nurse and ambulance for students and staff members.
On line fee deposit system for the convenience of the students.
Foreign language classes are conducted within the campus.
Transportation facility at a normal price.
Gym facility Canteen with delicious food and sweets.
ATM of Punjab National Bank within the campus.

Doon Valley Public School Dehra Dun

Doon Public School Dehradun Uttranchal

The school is positioned in a pollution free and quiet environment, in the cantonment area of Dehradun. Dehradun is the capital and green city of Uttranchal.The School is located 25 km. away form the Jolly Grant Airport.The Doon School is one of India's best public schools This School was the dream of Mr. Satish Ranjan Das, one of pre-independent India's most eminent barristers and a member of the Executive Council of the Viceroy of India. Unfortunately, Mr. S.R. Das was dead in 1928. After that his wife and frienda collected money to reopen the School in September 1935. On October 27, 1935, it was inaugurated by the Viceroy of India- Lord Wellingdon. Lord Halifax, was the president. The British Board of Education selected A.E. Foot, a master at Eton College as The Doon School's first Headmaster.In the hot days of summer season climate ruins quiet judicious while in the month of coldness, cold climate conditions are remained.

The campus of Doon Public School is expanded in 28 hectares areas of land. The campus of Doon School is centrally positioned away from the city as well as and yet away from the disturbance of the city. It is the public School as well as day school. It is the only educational institution with judicious expenses providing all the compulsory requirements for developing the veracity and personality of a child and the necessary education to take up the challenges of life. Marshall School gives quality education but is not restricted to only provide the education as well it provide other extra activities. The School caters to every individual's talent and hosts a gamut of cultural, entertainment programs
From every descipline students are allowed to admit in the School. The registration for admission is held on from October to February. The school prospectus contains the registration forms Students. Written and Aptitude examination for admission in various classes are conducted for all the candidates. After this this is followed by an interview. No communication is made regarding the admission of the students who failed in primary test. The principal has the full right to the admission and his decision is final.
Sports activities are most important for student so that they can develop theirself. For the sports and games School find out times form an integral part of the education. Beyond the Academics education development of the children, School recognize the importance of the achievements.there are Stadium for playing the required games like cricket,tennis,golf,football and much more.The students make use of the stadium has land for cricket, hockey and football. The school has hard courts for tennis, basketball and volleyball. Students are encouraged to select their favourite game and play it.The School has a student-centred education programme wherein each student is encouraged to develop inner potential for doing extra ordinary efforts.

S.S.P. and S.P. of Dehradun District

Dehradun District is Capital City of Uttranchal.Number of IAS and IPS officers have taken charge of District to maintain calm and cool environment.Mr.Amit Kumar Sinha is present time SSP. They organized many strategies to maintain fearless environment in Dehradun .Here, we have provided list of all SSP/SP till now.

List of S.S.P./S.P. in Dehradun:
E.W. Hant SP 16.10.1947
Prem Swarup SP 17.11. 1947 to 21.08.1948
Bija Singh Bisht SP 22.10.1948 to 14.10.1950
Dhyan Swaroop Sharma SP 15.12.1950 to 25.06.1952
Rajendra Nath Shivpuri SP 26.06.1952 to 27.04.1954
Manik Lal Khare SP 26.06.1952 to 27.04.1954
Mitri Sharan Raturi SP 20.04.1957 to 22.02.1961
Bhagwat Swaroop Chaturvedi SP 28.02.1961 to 23.01.1962
R.P.Mathur SP 24.01.1962 to 29.06.1962
V.R.Kishore SP 30.06.1962 to 02.08.1963
Radhay Shyam Sharma SP 03.08.1963 to 09.07.1964
Mahesh Chandra Sharma SP 10.07.1964 to 04.07.1967
S.C.Dixit SP 04.07.1967 to 24.09.1968
V.P.Singhal SP 24.09.1968 to 13.09.1970
Chintamani Sharma SP 14.09.1970 to 14.05.1973
G.N.Sinha SP 14.05.1973 to 15.05.1975
H.K.Chaturvedi SP 15.05.1975 to 15.05.1975
N.K.Joshi SP 18.07.1976 to 14.05.1978
C.V.Satpati SP 14.05.1978 to 24.03.1980
Ramsharan SP 28.03.1980 to 04.05.1981
Manager Panday SP 04.05.1981 to 30.11.1983
P.N.Saxena SP 03.12.1983 to 22.06.1984
Shailendra Sagar SP 22.06.1984 to 08.11.1985
V.C.Goyal SP 11.11.1985 to 20.07.1986
A.N.Singh SP 20.07.1986 to 13.07.1987
Manoj Kumar SP 13.07.1987 to 03.08.1988
D.K.Sharma SP 03.08.1988 to 19.05.1989
Sudhir Kumar SP 19.05.1989 to 18.09.1990
Rajeev SP 18.09.1990 to 04.07.1991
S.K.Garg SP 04.07.1991 to 03.08.1993
D.R.Nagar SP 03.08.1993 to 04.01.1994
Jagmohan Yadav SP 04.01.1994 to 07.02.1994
S.K.Singh SP 07.02.1994 to 26.06.1994
Kamlendra Prasad SP 26.06.1994 to 03.09.1994
Chavinath Singh SP 03.09.1994 to 29.10.1994
Chavinath Singh SSP 29.10.1994 to 15.06.1995
Rajni Kant Mishra SSP 15.06.1995 to 11.08.1995
Alok Prasad SSP11.08.19952 to 9.12.1995
Arvind Kumar Jain SSP 29.12.1995 to 12.07.1996
Girish Prasad Sharma SSP 14.07.1996 to 05.08.1997
Vijay Singh SSP 06.08.1997 to 22.08.1997
Anand Kumar SSP 23.08.1997 to 11.04.1999
Moh.Javed Akhtar SSP 11.04.1999 to 16.12.1999
K.K.Saxena SSP 23.12.1999 to 20.11.2000
P.K.Joshi SSP 24.11.2000 to 20.04.2002
RamSinghMeena DIG/SSP 20.04.2002 to 27.06.2004
Dr.P.V.K.Prasad SSP 27.06.2004 to 20.06.2005
SanjayGunjyal SSP 20.06.2005 to 21.06.2007
AmitKumarSinha SSP 22.06.2007Contd.

Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Dehradun

Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy

RRMR Academy
is a great school in Dehradun .This is the Boarding school as well as day school.RRMA is situated at Clement Town, Dehradun.Late Shri.A.C.Deb. established Shishu Niketan at Caineville House in Mussoorie in 1950.Later,this school is transferred at Dehradun in 1969.School has its own campus.This school was renamed as Raja Rammohan Ray Academy in 1978.
School is situated in green and pollution free area.School provides good education for the Students.Both type of student daily basis and boarding basis, are allowed here.Hostel facility are provided for the students in the school.Ganga and Yamuna flow on its East and West. The climate is preferably matched for studies. It is ideally connected with Delhi by rail, road and air.
Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Campus:
The campus of RRRA is centrally located in cool location and campus is away from noisy life of Dehradun.Campus is situated near to Himalaya.Campus is well suited for boarding as well as day school.Hostel facility available for boys and girls seperately.The academy provides all the necessary needs for improving the integrity and personality of Students.
Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Admission:
At the age of 4 year child may be admitted in the academy. The minimum age for admission to the Primary class is 3 yrs and for first standard 4 year to 5 year.. The registration for admission is open from Oct. to March. School prospectus contains the registration form. Written/Aptitude tests for entrance to various classes are conducted for all the candidates seeking admission in the school. This is followed by an interview. The principal reserves the right to approve or refuse the admission. Vacancies, if any, are filled during April.

Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Fee Structure:


Registration fee 5000/-
Admission fee 7500/-
Caution money 15,000/-

Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Dayscholars:
Registration fee 1,500.00
Admission Fee 3,500.00
Caution Money 1,500.00

Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy Sports and Games Facility:
Sports and Games are also appriciated in academy for the Students.Outdoor and Indoor games are facilitated in academy too.Grounds are provided for playing the game like cricket,football etc. The students make use of the ground which is spread over 15 bighas. For outdoor games the school has hard courts for basketball and volleyball. The school also has Badminton courts and halls for Table Tennis.The students are encouraged in positive way to use these facilities to get proficiency in their game. Students are encouraged to choose multiple games. Sports are vital for development of the personality of a Student. We provide facilities for all games and sports. Every game are played in the academy.To be healthy ,games are important medium in life.Without health no one can achieve knowledge,so sports are pressurized to all.
Hospitals are very important venue for the patients who got wounded or any serious problem physically.In the Hospitals there are expert team of doctors and nursing staff.Hospitals are well equipped in City.Number of Hospitals are situated in the Dehradun. Dehradun hospitals have well educated and experienced doctors and staff.Hospitals have responsibility to take care its patients.Emergency facility are also provided by Hospitals in Dehradun.Hospital are well equipped with modern machineries and medicinesHospitals staff work hardly 24 hours and can handle any big casualty
Doctors are known as second god for patients and their relatives because we depend on Doctors in any serious situation that can handled by only Doctors.After the God we totally depend upon Doctors fpr treatment.Hospitals are compulsory in every city.Dehradun city have great Hospitals in its own.There are Big Hospitals as well as dispencaries.List of multiple hospitals are provided below:-

Hospital name Address Contact
Archana Hospital and LithotripsyA-123, Mahendra Vihar, Dehradun(0135) 2622775, 2622713
Ashirwad Hospital1,Ashirwad Enclave, Ballupur Road,dehradun(0135) 2763600, 2764600
District Veterinary Hospital12, Dispensary Road, Dehradun(0135) 2712562
CMI Hospital54, Haridwar Road, Dehradun(0135) 2720238, 2720411
Doon HospitalCourt Road, Dehradun(0135) 2659355, 2650102
Dr. PS Tomar Traditional Medicare HospitalVikaspuram, Adhoiwala, Dehradun(0135) 2780423
Gilhotra Hospital75/8, Rajpur Road, Dehradun(0135) 2749623, 2742660
Himalayan Institute HospitalJolly Grant, Dehradun(0135) 2412081, 2412016
Jawla HospitalBalliwala Chowk, Dehradun(0135) 2720242, 2721435
Kala Hospital2, Ankit Nagar, GMS Road, Dehradun (0135) 2620624
Peshin HospitalMajra, Dehradun(0135) 2625880
Prem Sukh Hospital and Dialysis Center23/18/1, PD Tandon Marg, Laxman Chowk, Dehradun(0135) 2623775
Seema Goomer HospitalGoomer Hospital, Dehradun(0135) 2658116
Singh Eye Hospital230, Araghar, Dehradun(0135) 2672863, 2676246
Uttrakhand Hospital21/9, EC Road, Dehradun(0135) 2651418

Life Insurance Corporation

Life Insurance Corporation Of India plays a major role in securing the life of people.LIC helps to people through securing money of customers.You can secure your life Through the Insurance in LIC.LIC provides you facility to Insurance of all things such as any assets,lands,properties etc.Insurance can be for many years. It is totally depends upon you that how long insurance you can insure your life also through the Insurance.After your death,your family can get your Insurance money.LIC makes you not worry for marriege of your daughter.They provide insurance for that also. LIC Offices are all over the India.Dehradun also provide Insurance plan through the LIC.Multiple LIC offices are situated in Dehradun.Some of the LIC offices name are predicted below.

LIC Offices In Dehradun:
Dehradun III radha kishan
palace 20-E.C. road rajmarg
Dehradun 248001

Dehradun II Branch
Office II/205 Omkarvilla
Chakrata Road
Dehradun 248001

Career Agents Branch
406/CBO-I Building
IInd floor new cannought Place
Dehradun 248001

Dehradun Passport Office

Passport Office Dehradun

Passport Office Dehradun, Dehradun Passport Office

Passport office enquiry Dehradun, passport office

dehradun Uttarakhand, Regional Dehradun Passport


Dehradun is the Capital of Newly Formed State, Uttranchal also named as Uttrakhand. The government is planning to start a passport office here for the people of Uttaranchal who, at present, have to go to Bareilly to get their passports made. According to Mr Manohar Kant Dhyani, MP, a proposal had been sent to the External Affairs Minister, Mr Jaswant Singh, regarding this in November, 2001. then Passport office is established in Dehradun. Dehradun passport office deals all districts and provide the passport to the people. A passport is an worldwide acknowledged tour paper that verifies the uniqueness and nationality of the possessor. Besides Delhi, the passport facility is available at some hightech and developed cities in the country.
You can apply manually by going passport office or online for passport, You should go on net and open home of Dehradun passport office and fill up the form and mannualy by going on the concerned Passport Office, District Passport Centers (DPCs), Speed Post Centers or Passport Application Collection Centers. Online registration capacity is also provided for the ease of citizens.After filling and then submitting the form you would be wait for some days for getting your passport, then you can register your passport.

Regional Passport Office of Dehradun is established
1st -floor,
radha palace,
rajpur road,

Mr. K. K. Talwar is the nodal officer of passport office. In the critical stage requirement of the passport, you can acquire in just 15 days under the Tatkaal format.

When you go to submmit the passport application form you have to submmit all other important documents alongwith. Address proof is required for a fresh passport. It can be your ration card; certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head; water, telephone or electricity bill; statement of running bank account, Income Tax Assessment Order, Election Commission ID card, spouse's passport copy and parent's passport copy in case of minors. Date of birth document is also required. A birth certificate can be submmited for the proof achieved from the Municipal Corporation or from the last school.

The applicant is required to append self attested photo copies of all the credentials. On the other hand, original papers are to be created while submitting the form. These credentials are returned after the contradiction of validity checking. One can also authorize any member of his family to submit the form on his behalf. This is to be done with the help of an authority letter. When you are sending your form by post, the zirrox of all the original documents are to be confirmed by a Authorized Officer or attorney.

Facility of Passport Office Dehradun:-
Computerized cash counters for submitting applications.
Online Registration and status enquiry.
Allotment of passport numbers .
Delivery and dispatch of passports.


Dehradun to Mussoorie
Mussoorie is 35 km away from Dehradun and 290 km.from Delhi, a captivating hill station imposing a wonderful view of the extensive Himalayan range to the north-east and Doon Valley to the south. Mussoorie is known as the "Queen Of Hills", is one of the most popular summer destinations of the northern hills.
Mussoorie was discovered by Captain Young, an adventurous military officer in 1827. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun city. From Mussoorie Nearest railway station is at Dehradun, at the distance of 34 km. Taxis and buses are available outside the railway station for journey to Mussoorie, there is a Musoorie bus stand near the station.There are regular flights from Delhi to Doon Valley (Jolly Grant). From the Jolly Grant airport, taxis and buses ply to Dehradun, from where they go up to Mussoorie (60 km). Mussoorie is connected to other parts of India with long road and rail and buses route.
Mussoorie is situated at an altitude of 2000 mts in the Garhwal hills. above sea-level. Mussoorie is one the beautiful hill stations in India and the most frequently visited. It provides excellent respite to people who want relief from the hot sultry conditions of the plains, especially since it is close enough to the capital to make just weekend trip. Also, major Hindu pilgrimage sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh are not far from this place.
Mussoorie is a hill station which has pleasant climate around the year. It is a very cool place with greenery at its full bloom during September to November. The best seasons to visit Mussoorie is between April to June and again during September to November. When the plains of North India experience heat waves, Mussoorie provides a welcome break. September - November is spring time here. During this season Himalayas are clearly visible. It is better to avoid monsoons as the roads to Mussoorie are in bad shape. Same thing applies for the winter when roads are blocked due to snowfall.

Places to visit in Dehradun as well as Mussoorie:-

Malsi Deer Park
Tepkeshwar Temple
Kalanga Monument
Laxaman Siddh
Sai Darbar
Santaula Devi Temple
Camel's Back Road
Gun Hill
Mussoorie Lake
Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary
Kempty Fall
Bhadraj Temple
Surkanda Devi

Dehradun City

Weather in Dehradun:
Dehradun is green city of India and Capital of Uttranchal. Dehradun is located in the foothills of Himalayas.This is the cool and calm city and known for its cool climate and environment.On the edge amidst the rough mountains of the Himalayas, at a height of 2,200 ft, Dehradun is a scenic valley of North India. Dehradun is considered as an privileged city of India, the place of headquarters of some most important organizations of the country and also contains some of its foremost educational institutions,colleges and Training Centres.Beyond from the various tourist attractions of the situate, what makes it a popular flee is its calm and refreshing climate.Dehradun is near to himalaya,fairlly chilly city and very cold during from November to February. Information on the weather of Dehradun is given below:.

Dehradun weather and Forecast:-

Location:- Uttaranchal
Altittude: - 2,200 ft (above sea level)
Summer Temperature: - Minimum: 16.7oC, Maximum: 36oC
Winter Temperature: - Minimum: 5.2oC, Maximum: 23.4oC
Average Rainfall:- 2073.3mm

Winter temperature:-
Maximum temperature of Dehradun city in winter season (from November to February) is much cold .Dehradun maximum temperature falling down to 23.2oC and minimum temperature falling down to5.4oC. Dehradun winter remain ideal for enjoying snowfall in the garhwal Himalayas.

Summer Temperature:-
Maximum temperature of Dehradun city in summer season is much hot .Dehradun maximum temperature falling down to 36.2oC and minimum temperature falling down to16.4oC.Summer season was mid April to mid June.Dehradun summers see huge influx of tourists to place from the hot and seething plains below.

Downpour Temperature:-
Dehradun in July to September is generally monsoons Rain is very peace-making after boiling and arid summer months and weather is tepid. The moisture remains very high, especially in the month of July and early August.

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