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IMS is steadfast to provide high inferiority education, training and expertise to enhance the fundamental abilities of the students and promote their managerial and technological skills. We are committed to comply with the requirements of quality management system to continually improve the effectiveness of the process. IMS Dehradun offers a variety of exclusive facilities that have established it as a center of excellence for education in Management, Information Technology and International Business. Seminar Hall that is used for student meets, guest lectures and screening of films on week-ends. The students choose and decide what films they would like to be screen, in conference with the hostel warden.In the IMS there is facility to Conference and board meetings and big halls for student.Student-Faculty meeting room is also provided by IMS.

Facilities offered by IMS are precised below:
IMS Dehradun Seminar Hall

Theatre styled classrooms

IMS Dehradun Computer laboratory

The Mass Communication Studio

The completely e-nabled library

IMS Dehradun sports and extra curricular activities


IMS Dehradun sanatorium

Student lodging at IMS

IMS Dehradun Sports:
IMS Dehradun Sports activities are most important for student so that they can develop theirself. For the sports and games IMS find out times form an integral part of the education. Beyond the Academics education development of the children, IMS recognize the importance of the achievements.there are Stadium for playing the required games like cricket,tennis,golf,football and much more.The students make use of the land for cricket, hockey and football.

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