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Forests in Dehradun

Famous Forests in Dehradun:
Dehradun is green city and its climate is suitable for every kind of people. Due to situated on the hilly areas Dehradun is different from other cities. There is multiple forests and they all are very large. Forests products play a major role in enhancing the economy of the city. Forests supply fuel, fodder, bamboos and medicinal herbs. Besides these they give up a range of products such as honey, lac, gum, resin, catechu, wax, horns and hides. Forests spread over 1477 sq.kms of area, that is the percentage of 43.70 of the total land of the district. Sal forest and coniferous forests are biggest in the western part of tehsil Dehra Dun. Due to the different type of Forests altitute, climate and soil condition are better in Dehradun. Numbger of deodar trees are also can be see in Dehradun A large ranges of sal jungle occur in City. A concoction of homogeneous species are found.

List of Forests in Dehradun are given below:

Moist Siwalik Sal Forests :
These are famous forests and can find in the Motichur and Thano forest ranges. Sal's low quality can be find in these Forests.The most important links of sal are bakli and sain.
Moist Bhabar Doon Sal Forests :
In the large areas these Forest can be find in Thano and Barkot forest ranges. Sal's high quality are found here and its links are sain and dhauri.
West gangetic Moist Deciduous Forests :
These Forests can be find in the Barkot, Motichur and Thano forest ranges. These Forests are of good height The main links of sal are safed siris, jhingan and dhauri.
Dry Siwalik Sal Forests :
These forests are looked on the higher slopes of Siwaliks. Sal is the largest species mixed with other links such as bakli, sain, haldu etc.

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