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Attraction for Tourist in Dehradun:
Dehradun is one of the famous tourist destinations in Uttaranchal and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Dehradun is flanked by the Himalayas in the North, the Shivalik range in the south, the Yamuna river to its west and the Ganges to its east. The city is located in the North western side of the state and adjoins the districts of Uttarkashi, Pauri Garhwal, Hardwar, Nahan (Himachal Pradesh) and Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh). The city is also historically significant as archeological evidences reveal that that in the times of Mahabharata, these forests were used by the Pandavas when they were sent on their exile.

Places of visit in Dehradun:-
There are several places to visit in Dehradun.The climate of Dehradun is bearable in every season like summer, winter, monsoon.Tourist come on tour here from abroad,to visit historical places,temples,hotels.There are some places in Dehradun listed below that attract tourist and realy, tourist overwhelmed to its places.

Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai :
Darbar Shri guru ram rai is a fortress like structure seems to have been built 300 years ago during the reign of Aurangzeb, when the Guru migrated to the valley and pitched his tent there.The Guru had a huge richly decorated flag and the locality around it was called the Jhanda Mohalla, the nucleus around which the new city of Dehradun gradually grew.

Robber's Cave :
located 8 kms from the city near the cantonment is one of nature's phenomenon to confuse man, a stream of water suddenly disappears from sight and a few yards away appears again in a gushing stream. The cave is accessible by bus till Anarwala, a distance of 6 kms and the rest of the 2 kms have to be traveled on foot.

Sahasradhara :
Near about 14 kms away is a place which has natural sulphur springs.Sahasratra Dhara, literally meaning, the 'thousand-fold spring', is situated at a distance of 11kms from Dehra Dun. The place makes an ideal picnic spot and is of immense attraction to visitors. The water here has a fall of about 9 meters and is breathtakingly beautiful. Scores of people come to the sulfur spring to bathe as the water is said to cure skin infections and possess other medicinal properties

Lakshmansidh :
12 kms on the route to Rishikesh is a popular shrine.Malsi Deer Park :On way to Mussoorie is pleasant place set amidst sal forest.Malsi Deer Park is a mini-zoological park comprising of a children's park enveloped by beautiful, natural surroundings. It offers an ideal sight-seeing cum picnic spot.

Tapkeshawar Temple:
Tapkeshwar Shiv Temple, an ancient place of worship, is situated on the banks of a rivulet, in the Garhi Cantt. area. It is named Tapkeshwar as water droplets, originating from a rock, fall on the Shivling placed in the shrine. People in large numbers participate in the fair organized on the occasion of Shivratri and pay their obeisance to the deity.

Situated 7kms from Dehradun on the Dehradun-Delhi road is the famous temple of Chandrabani. Legend has it that spot was inhabited by Maharishi Gautam, his wife and daughter Anjani who are widely worshipped by the people. It is believed that the Goddess Ganga had manifested herself on this spot.

Sai Darbar:
Situated 8kms along the Clock Tower on Rajpur Road, is the Sai Darbar Temple. This place holds a high cultural and spiritual value and is visited by tourists from across the country and foreigners as well.

Santala Devi Temple:
About 15kms from Dehradun to reach the famous temple of Santaula Devi, which stands as a symbol of the faith people have in the temple and has a great cultural and religious significance. It is believed that Santla Devi and her brother, on realizing that they would not be able to face the advancing Mughal Army, abandoned their weapons and began to pray. Soon, a light flickered and within moments they both were transformed into stone images.

Approximately, 5kms from the City Bus Stand on the Dehradun-Rajpur road, this place is situated in beautiful surroundings. Legend has it that Guru Dronacharya had done penance in this area.

Rajaji National Park:
Rajaji National Park was founded in 1966 and spreads over an area of 820 sq kms. The park with its magnificent ecosystem, is nestled in the lush valley of Shivalik ranges and is home to 23 species of mammals and 315 of fauna.

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