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Centre for space and technology in Dehradun
Centre for space and technology came into existence under affiliation to the United Nations in India in 1995. It has been supported by the Department of Space Government of India, and is advised by a 15 member International Governing Board. Its activities extent across Remote Sensing and GIS, Satellite Communications, Satellite Meteorology and Space Science. It conducts postgraduate courses in all these disciplines. Since the Centre has trained about 655 persons from than 30 countriesin addition from asia.
The overall purpose of this training course is to make the participants unconscious of the latent of space technology for various phases of flood risk management. The participants will be exposed to, relevant remote sensing, GIS and communication technologies, so as to get an in depth understanding how these technologies can be used in an operational scenario. With the training received it is expected that the participant will have adequate skills to apply the knowledge acquired in ones own country to support organization / managers involved in flood risk management.

The goal of the centre is to develop capability for research and applications:-
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
Satellite Communications
Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate
Space and Atmospheric Sciences

The headquarter of Centre is located in the campus of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) at Dehradun,India, a unit of National Remote Sensing Agency , Department of Space, Govt. of India. IIRS provides infrastructure support to the headquarter office. The Centre also has equipped establishments at Ahmedabad in the campuses of Space Applications Centre (SAC), and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) of Department of Space, Govt. of India.

Satellite Communication
RS and GIS
Space Science
Post Graduate Courses
Short Term Courses
Satellite Mateorology

Education Program:-
The educational programme of the Centre is oriented towards the propagation of knowledge in important aspects of space science and technology. The centre offers post graduate level courses in the areas of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Satellite Communications, Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate, Space and Atmospheric Sciences.

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