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Dehradun From Sea Level

Height of Dehradun from sea level
Dehradun is Capital of Uttrakhand and situated at height in the fiitthills of Himalayas. River Ganga and Yamuna both flow nearby the Dehradun City.Dehradun is great city vof India and is known for its historical places and better climate.All the scene and places you suppose you can find in this City.
Its height form sea level 2,200 ft.Summers in Dehradun generally lasts from mid-April to mid-June. Temprtature in summer is minimum 16oC and maximum 36oC. Monsoons generally last from the month of July to September.Winters last from November to February and are very cold; In the winter Maximum Temperature is 23oC. and minimum 5oC.thats why you can visit throught the year in Dehradun.Rainfall average is 2073 mm.
This is situated in the mountains of the Himalayas, at the height of 2,200 feet. Dehradun is a scenic valley of North India where we find attractive things Dehradun known for having the headquarters to some of the most important organizations of the country and also houses some of its leading educational institutions and Colleges and Training Centres,considered as an elite city of India.Beyond from the numerous tourist attractions of the place, what makes it a popular getaway is its calm and refreshing climate. Dehradoon enjoys a composite climate, which is typical of North India. Given below is complete information on the weather of Dehradun.

Dehradun Situation:
Location: Uttarakahand
Altittude: 2,200 ft (above sea level)
Summer Temperature: Minimum: 16.7oC, Maximum: 36oC
Winter Temperature: Minimum: 5.2oC, Maximum: 23.4oC
Average Rainfall: 2073.3mm
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year


Unknown said...

nice information, could addregarding the falura and fauna of the valley and also check spelling of the write up eg fiithills??

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