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Convent of Jesus and Mary High School Dehradun

Convent of Jesus and Mary High School


Convent of Jesus and Mary High School in Dehradun is one of the best schools over here. It is a girls' school . The school was established in 1818 by St. Claudine Thevenet. The school was initiated on 1st February, 1901. High education is provided here for student who come to get good academic knowledge. Better Educational and tutorial classes are available in the Convent of Jesus and Mary High School. Convent of Jesus and Mary High School gives you each and every facility.Facilities provided by Schools are:

  • Rooms for computer learning
  • SUPW
  • Bigschool ground
  • Spacious building
  • Airy classrooms
  • Good library with all sorts of books, etc. In Convent of Jesus and Mary High School at Dehradun there is no examinations for the junior classes and the students are assessed on the basis of their class performance.

Admission process in Convent of Jesus and Mary High School Dehradun:

Look for primary education junior school during October to December.The academic session begins from April. The recruitment to the higher classes depends upon the number of vacancies.They should pass an entrance test.In pre-school sections boys are also admitted.

Sports and Games in Convent of Jesus and Mary High School Dehradun:

Our school is also concerned for developing Health through games and sports from school program. Outdoor sports and indoor sports both type of sports facility are available in our school. Cricket, football, basketball, soccer, badminton, tabletennis and chess are the sports have been started in school. Yoga for boys and aerobics for girls are included in the daily curriculum of the School.
Expert Coaches are appointed for games who give technique to play the game perfectly. Coaches are qualified staff of the School for physical education. Over the thousand of students have achieved excellency in their own game. The School is separated into four Houses which regularly fight with each other, thereby developing an interest for sports and a courage of strong competition.

Address:-Convent of Jesus and Mary
Convent Road
Dehradun -
Phone: 91-135-651390

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Yadvendra said...

Good details on St Convent.
Please also give full details of brother school, St Joseph's Academy, Dehradun.

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