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Childern Academy International School Dehradun

Childern Academy International School


The Children Academy International School is a famous school in Dehradun. This
is the English Medium public School in Dehradun. The goal of this school was to
make child's life. The School wants to create great environment and stability
with ancient technique of Gurukul education, but through the modern study
techniques. This is a public School in Dehradun that provides cool atmosphere
and environment to develop students. School provides modern education to its
students so that, they may come to true their dream.The Children Academy
International School is a co-educational, English medium school associated to
the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. They
provides classes for all subject.

Faculty of Childern Academy:

The faculty and staff are highly educated and very intelligent.Faculties are
selected by Board of School organized recruitment for faculty and staff. For the
selection of faculty recruiter must have a good academic degree and teaching
degree with strong English background, proficiency in sports and ability to
organise co-curricular activities.

Admission in Childern Academy:

Admission in the School held on regular period. No one can get entered in school
midtime.Students can be admitted from the age of four. They are required to take
the test in Hindi, English, and Maths. There is an oral test in which the
candidate must pass to admit. There is a registration fee per child which is
neither refundable nor transferable. All new admissions are on test basis for a

Sports in Childern Academy:

The school provides other facilities like games and sports for Students to
enhance their health cool mind. Sports are which is facilitate by School
cricket, football, hockey, basketball, athletics, tennis, badminton, table
tennis and volleyball. Special efforts are made to look into the spiritual
growth of the children.There are also gym for students. Swimming is a
fashionable sport. Other facilities provided by school are library with books,
periodicals, magazines, CD Roms, and multimedia material.

Objectives of Childern Academy:

The main objective of the School is to encourage child. It also aims to create
power in the life of the students and helps them realize their capabilities by
presenting them numerous opportunities in various sectors. The School help them
to recognize importance of knowledge and clarification.The main aim of school is
to recognizes truth as the highest goals of life. School want to develop
student's physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and moral things.

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