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Hospitals are very important venue for the patients who got wounded or any serious problem physically.In the Hospitals there are expert team of doctors and nursing staff.Hospitals are well equipped in City.Number of Hospitals are situated in the Dehradun. Dehradun hospitals have well educated and experienced doctors and staff.Hospitals have responsibility to take care its patients.Emergency facility are also provided by Hospitals in Dehradun.Hospital are well equipped with modern machineries and medicinesHospitals staff work hardly 24 hours and can handle any big casualty
Doctors are known as second god for patients and their relatives because we depend on Doctors in any serious situation that can handled by only Doctors.After the God we totally depend upon Doctors fpr treatment.Hospitals are compulsory in every city.Dehradun city have great Hospitals in its own.There are Big Hospitals as well as dispencaries.List of multiple hospitals are provided below:-

Hospital name Address Contact
Archana Hospital and LithotripsyA-123, Mahendra Vihar, Dehradun(0135) 2622775, 2622713
Ashirwad Hospital1,Ashirwad Enclave, Ballupur Road,dehradun(0135) 2763600, 2764600
District Veterinary Hospital12, Dispensary Road, Dehradun(0135) 2712562
CMI Hospital54, Haridwar Road, Dehradun(0135) 2720238, 2720411
Doon HospitalCourt Road, Dehradun(0135) 2659355, 2650102
Dr. PS Tomar Traditional Medicare HospitalVikaspuram, Adhoiwala, Dehradun(0135) 2780423
Gilhotra Hospital75/8, Rajpur Road, Dehradun(0135) 2749623, 2742660
Himalayan Institute HospitalJolly Grant, Dehradun(0135) 2412081, 2412016
Jawla HospitalBalliwala Chowk, Dehradun(0135) 2720242, 2721435
Kala Hospital2, Ankit Nagar, GMS Road, Dehradun (0135) 2620624
Peshin HospitalMajra, Dehradun(0135) 2625880
Prem Sukh Hospital and Dialysis Center23/18/1, PD Tandon Marg, Laxman Chowk, Dehradun(0135) 2623775
Seema Goomer HospitalGoomer Hospital, Dehradun(0135) 2658116
Singh Eye Hospital230, Araghar, Dehradun(0135) 2672863, 2676246
Uttrakhand Hospital21/9, EC Road, Dehradun(0135) 2651418

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